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How Business Consultants Grow Your Business

Whether your business is big, small, always steadily in the money, or goes through waves of financial feast and famine, www.rbssconsulting.co.uk business consultants grow your business. Here’s how.

Hiring on the former CEO of a Fortune 500 company would cost more than your company needs, is willing or able to spend. Yet, hiring the former CEO who grew a snowmobile business from a floundering, outdated machine, into a top-brand name for everything from accessories to machines, is useful if you are looking for immense growth.

That individual possesses vision, foresight, and an intangible quality that grows businesses. To rent out their time as a consultant would still cost money, but it would be more of an investment that would not unseat your business’s stability and cash flow, perhaps.

Consulting Fees

You have a few options when it comes to bringing in a consultant. Hire them for a few hours, which is generally at 3 times their normal hourly rate. It might seem like a lot of money, but with an expert it, they may cut through the business clutter more quickly and effectively.

That means it may be more cost effective to use a consultant. Whether you bring them in on an hourly basis or for a project, it is wise to make it worth their while.

For one, be well-organized when working with a consultant. Their time is money and while you may be very excited to have this well-known CEO in your midst, you need to curtail it so that they can do the work for which you are hiring them.

If they agreed to work on a project rate, then still respect their time. Realize you are working with them but be somewhat deferential and avoid coming off as demanding.

Speaking of, it is important to keep a few things in mind when hiring in on how business consultants grow your business. Consultants do cost a bit more but they will be with you for a short period of time, typically.

You may negotiate a few different ways with them. For one, if you are certain of the scope of the project, then you would benefit from a fixed price contract. In it you delineate the time period, scope of the work you are calling on the consultant to do, and the overall price.

In a cost-plus contract you would define a contract price with the understanding that supplies or other types of costs could be added in at a later time. This is usually the case for grants or government work.

Usually, you would save time plus materials kinds of contracts for construction or other types of hourly projects.

The idea is that a business consultant has very valuable experience and yet would be too expensive to hire in full-time. Instead, they are a justifiable investment at the price of a consultant. Consider what kinds of business questions and holes could be filled with the use of a super-star ex-CEO or board of directors.