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Benefits of Having A Self Assessment Accountant

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There are many challenges that the director of a limited company faces with corporate legislation. These problems can result in punitive measures being imposed if not taken care of. A limited company director who by design or ignorance elects to ignore the legislation is not prudent.

It is in this field that contractor accountants come in handy. The self assessment accountant will make sure that for an only small annual fee; the information is made in the right format and is handed in to where it is required in time with tax matters prepared in tandem with all the rules and regulations that exist at the time.

The following documents need to be prepared by the limited company director: Full Accounts for shareholders, Abbreviated Accounts for Companies House, CT600 Corporation Tax Return, SA100 Self-assessment Income Tax Return, Payroll and Annual Return. Other documents that might also be required are VAT monthly or quarterly returns going by the company’s business turnover and whether the directors chose for voluntary registration for VAT.

The above tasks appear to be not easy. But with the help of contractor accountant, business matters can be easily handled resulting in reduced cost of producing the above. By having these financial documents alphabetically or in order of date, it becomes very easy for the accountant to be able to manage them. And also by making sure the cashbook and the business bank statements are reconciled, it is a sure way of minimizing his workload, thus keeping the costs to the minimum.

The director can only do a little, and this is where he requires the services of the accountant. Planning of tax is a critical issue. Corporation tax is paid at 20% on the net profit for small enterprises while for the bigger ones, the tax is pegged at 28% and the returns taken from the business to the hands of the director. It is with taxation matters that the accountants play a crucial role in company’s matters.

self assessment accountant

There are many reasons why one can opt to venture into being a specialist accountant contractor. A person seeking a new career can just find out that contracting is the best way to go. Some people are also interested in self-employment and with enough credentials and impeccable business acumen they can break into this field.

It is a fact that hiring specialist contractor accountants can save both time and money. The tricky part is whether one is prepared to leave his or her well-paying job to be a contractor accountant and whether he or she likes the idea of being own boss. The kind of job can also benefit a person who has been rendered redundant and looking out for other new opportunities.

Apart from being an easy way to venture back into employment, it is also money minting. But there are a few things to think first before you plunge into being a contractor. You have to decide on how you need to operate.

Many options need to be considered like whether one need to be a limited company, a sole trader or common law partnership. When it comes to choosing the best option, you can seek guidance from a specialist contractor who has been in this field for a long time for advice. You can also do your research just to be sure that you are not plunging into an unchartered terrain.

Hiring special contractor accountants is the solution when you want to cut on your costs. It also makes sure that you worry less when it comes to handling the many company forms efficiently because the contractor accountants are in business to make your life easier.

Does Every Business Need VAT Services?

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What is VAT?

Value added tax is known as General sales tax in some countries. The taxes are charges directly or indirectly. These taxes are charged as indirect taxes on the consumption of goods and services used in different countries. It is value based tax. When there is, some value is added in the purchase then these taxes are charged accordingly or proportionally. The implementation of these taxes is made just as a destination base tax. These taxes are added on each stages of production to finish goods. These taxes varied on the basis of goods are finally supplied.

Does Every Business Need VAT Services?

The world is familiar with Value added tax. This tax is imposed on all the goods and services produced or delivered in a country. The business organization has to be registered under tax body to make their operations legal. Otherwise there may be restriction. Value added tax applies on both type of customers those who are business customers and those who are not business customers. In category of Business customers, value added tax will charge to the store where the manufacturer will send the product to sell out. Secondly it will be charge to the end user at the final purchase of the product. There is a registration require for the VAT service. This tax is included in the goods and services. The business organization which are registered by the VAT service can reclaim the paid charges but those which are not registered, they cannot reclaim. Here are the few situations when the businesses have not to pay for accounting VAT services.


• Free Goods:
If a business gives something to someone else and value of the gift is less than fifty dollars then no value-added tax will be charged. The purpose to give free goods as gift, is to promote your business and make the prospect your client or customer in near future.

• Free samples:
There are many situations when the customer requires some products as sample to test the quality of the products which the business intend to sell him or her in future. The quality is check there. On these sample goods, there are no taxes charged in form of value added tax.

• Free services:
If you are providing services for free or not charging fee, then there will be no charges at the use of these services will be paid. These free services may be in result of some social welfare or as a charity.

The Benefits Of Relying On A Management Accounts Service


As a small business owner, you need to feel comfortable with a wide range of tasks. It is not uncommon for small business owners to work long hours since they have to perform many different tasks that would be shared between different employees in a larger company.

If you find that you do not have enough time to complete all your daily tasks or lack expertise for some tasks, you should consider outsourcing them. One of the best investments you could make to save time and grow your business is to get help from a management accounts service since these professionals can take care of communicating with your clients and staying in touch with them.

Managing your accounts is very time-consuming and there are some best practices that can boost your sales. However, figuring out what these best practices are requires you to get to know your audience and to observe patterns in sales and other business processes. This takes time and requires expertise with business analytics, and you might be better off by having a professional with more experience than you handle your accounts.

A management accounts service will help you generate more sales by identifying new opportunities and by creating a management strategy that is adapted to your audience and to their buying habits. You might for instance be missing out on a lot of sales because you do not contact clients quickly enough after they make a purchase, or because you focus your marketing efforts during the few weeks that follow a purchase and miss out on the sale because you are not longer in contact with a client by the time they are ready to make another purchase.

accountsYou will get better results if you choose an account management company that has some experience with your niche and your industry. There are different management and sales techniques that need to be used depending on the type of product or services you offer. For instance, it is best to choose a company that has a lot of experience with managing subscriptions if this is what you offer since the best practices to manage these accounts will be different from the best practices one should use to sell regular products.

It is also important to choose a service that will offer a good value for the price. If the services offered by the management accounts professionals you choose to work with do not help you get more sales, this might not be a good investment for your business. Ask some questions to get a better understanding of how they will work and of how they will develop strategies that are adapted to your business and your audience.

You should think about outsourcing account management if you find that this activity is time consuming or feel that you do not have the expertise and experience required to manage accounts more efficiently. You should be able to boost your sales, provide clients with a better experience and improve your collection rate by choosing the right management service.

The Benefits of Small Business Bookkeeping

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The Benefits of Taking up a Small Business Bookkeeping Service

Small businesses have to manage their operations efficiently so that they can save on cost and gain more customers. One of the key areas that they need to look into is accounting. They must maintain a proper account of all their income and expenses to show their balance sheet, profit, and loss account and also pay their taxes correctly. This is essential so that they can function well and also gain a good reputation amongst businesses operating in their industry and also from customers.

Why Take Assistance From A Small Business Bookkeeping Service?

Many small businesses find it difficult to keep track of all their accounts. If their trading activities are extensive, they have to hire an accountant to manage their accounts related information. It is financially difficult to hire accountants because they can be expensive. The best option is to take up the services of an accounting firm that specializes in looking into the accounts of a small business bookkeeping.

Here is a look at the benefits of taking up the services of a reputable small business bookkeeping service:

small business bookkeeping* They will efficiently maintain all account knowledge such as entering cash receipts, reconciling accounts and much more

* They will prepare a monthly income and expense report

* They will prepare annual financial statements that are required to ascertain financial position and for tax purposes

* They will look into the payroll activities for the business’s staff members

* They will reconcile all balance sheet accounts

* They will prepare and lodge BAS

The accounting firm will look into all important aspects of the company financial transactions, giving them the most efficient management of their accounting activities. This gives the owners the peace of mind that they need to concentrate on core business activities. They will inform them about any new government rules related to business accounts and also various means by which they can save on taxation. As they are well aware of the environment of a small business they can offer specialized advice that enables clients to get the best benefits of efficient accounting and financial reporting. This is very much essential for the ultimate success of a small concern in a competitive market.

How to Find a Reputable Small Business Accounting Service?

In order to get the benefits of a reputable small business accounting service, it is essential to look into a listing of such services in your city. For example, if you live in Gold Coast, look into a listing of well-known Bookkeepers Gold Coast to find a service that is suitable for the size and needs of your small business. A professional Bookkeepers Gold Coast agency will have expert accounting professionals who will offer sound advice on various types of financial matters ranging from taxation to curbing expenses. Look into their years of experience in managing small business accounts so that you can get professional advice on various financial matters.

Deadlines for Self Assessment Tax Payments Online


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If you are enrolled for self assessment, then you will need to make a self assessment tax payment each year. The deadlines for paying your self assessment tax payment are the 31st January (for tax owed from the previous year), and the 31st July, for the second payment on your account.


If you do not want to do a single payment on account in January, and another in July, then you can arrange to make a self assessment tax payment using a regular budget payment plan.


You can pay your tax online if you wish – many people find this easier than paying over the counter. It is important that you make your payment by the deadline, otherwise you could end up being charged interest – and there are penalty fees for late payments as well, with the penalty increasing the later the payment is.


There are many ways to pay. If you pay online or by telephone banking then the payment should clear either the same day or the next day. Payments sent by CHAPS, or made by debit or credit card online will also come through quickly, as will payments made at a post office or a bank or building society. Note that to make those payments you will need a paying-in slip.


If you pay by bacs, via an existing direct debit or attempt to pay by a cheque sent through the post, you must leave at least three working days for the payment to go through. If you are setting up a new direct debit, give yourself five working days.

self assessment tax payment

Be mindful of bank holidays – if your deadline is on a bank holiday or a weekend then the only reliable ways of paying are Faster Payment or debit/credit card. For all other payments, make sure that the last clearing day will be the last working day before the deadline, to ensure that the payment hits your account.


The HMRC website is generally quite reliable, but you may experience problems with the payment service during very busy times. You should check the website to make sure that there are no current problems, and also look to see if there is any planned maintenance – because this could make it harder for you to pay. Plan ahead to make sure that the payment does indeed go through in time.


If you want to let HMRC work out how much tax you owe, you need to file early. The deadlines for self assessment and for HMRC calculated tax differ, and this is something that does catch a lot of people out. Talk to an accountant if you aren’t sure what the deadlines are, or how to fill out the forms correctly. They will be able to give you some good advice, and could save you not just time and stress, but also a lot of money in the long term as well, by ensuring that you pay the right amount of tax, and avoid potential fines or penalties.