Addressing Hazards In The Workplace To Keep Employees Safe

Hazards in the workplace should never be overlooked, and unfortunately, it happens time and time again. I know this because I had the privilege of working for a manufacturing plant that continuously maintained safety as a top priority. While I no longer work there, they have continued their run of no ‘missed time’ accidents.

When I was working there, safety truly was #1, and even their products were held to the highest standards, since they had military contracts. This opened my eyes, and it made me think about both past and future employers. It even made me think about hazards in the workplace differently when I walk into a business in which I don’t work.

When addressing hazards in the workplace, you’re not just talking about actual physical hazards. There are all kinds of different hazards, such as ergonomic hazards, biological hazards and more. Businesses must have a program designed with strict rules in place to keep the workplace safe and secure for all employees.

Of course, employees must also do their part. If employees don’t hold themselves accountable, then hazards can begin to multiply. If you are reading this and thinking about workplace hazards where you work, it’s time to get them addressed and taken seriously.

Safety hazards in the workplace should be classified and thought of as a ‘shared responsibility’ and nothing less. Owners, management and regular employees at every level must work together as a team to maintain a safe work environment.

There are rules and regulations concerning safety in the workplace, and these should serve as a foundation to help everyone get on the same page. The place I told you about where I worked had what is called a “Safety Coordinator,” whose only job was to work on plans to better implement safety in the workplace.

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