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RR Business Blogs: SME Business Growth – Online Marketing


Online Market research plays a vital role in increasing your understanding of your market and customers. RR Business: SME Business Growth Service can help you to assess your research needs and provide you with a full written proposal for a specific research project.


The type of research undertaken will largely depend on the complexity of the subject matter and your budget, but will be one or a combination of the following:


Telephone interviews – a cost effective way to gather information

Face-to-face interviews – allows wide ranging, penetrating discussion

Focus groups – interaction of interviewees together often generates ideas not otherwise revealed

Postal surveys – an efficient method of obtaining larger samples



What are the benefits?


RR Business can provide answers to the following:


How is your business perceived by customers and potential customers?

What are your company’s strengths and areas for improvement?

Who are your competitors and how does your business compare with them?

What is the level of satisfaction among employees?



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